Francesca Tosarelli is an author focused on hostile environments and gender related topics with a crossmedia approach, with 8 years’ professional experience in both domestic and international contexts.
Cinematographer, photojournalist, storyteller, Francesca's work appeared on Arte, Al Jazeera English, Yahoo.com, Discovery Channel, Al Jazeera Arabic, AP, the Sunday Times Mag, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, El Pais and Internazionale among others. She is the director of multi-platform project 'Ms Kalashnikov, a journey of female fighters across war zones', that explores changing identities and stories of female rebellion through a combination of video, photography, writing and interactive platforms.
Francesca is the co-author with WuMing 5 of the novel 'Ms Kalashnikov' by Chiare Lettere.
Among her clients: Save the Children, Oxfam, Child Soldier International, Royal Anthropological Institute.

+39 3477951009